Friday, July 30, 2010

Sweet Cole Tommy - Severn Children's Photographer

Cole Tommy wanted some cake fun...but the weather kept us down for a couple weeks with 100+ degree temps!! No one wants a sweaty photographer or an un-happy warm baby!!

But we finally got the second part of Munch's photoshoot complete!

We started with a couple shots of Cole playing with his toy...we really wanted him to walk with it...but he was bound and determined to push it and watch it roll away...

*giggle, giggle* I think he had more fun laughing at myself and mommy trying to make him walk with his toy...

So then, it was cake first, he kept his distance...

Only reaching out for small swipes in the frosting...and delicately tasting each finger. Boy was he taking his time!!

After a few more swipes and some help from Mommy, he started getting the hang of it...even tossing some more giggles our way...

He still ever so gently ate the cake...he certainly was no cake-diver!

We were pretty sure he didn't really wanna get messy at all...

Now look at that sweetie...!

Ladies, this guy is no messy eater...he certainly took his time to enjoy the cake...

When Mom tried to help by sticking his leg in the cake...he had no part of it!!

Cake time was finally over...and he had already lovingly covered Mom in clue icing!!

"Oops, I got mom all messy...*giggle*"

All in all, he seemed to enjoy himself and he provided us with some wonderful picture memories for his First Birthday!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Catherine & Ava - One Year Old - Glen Burnie Photographer

Seriously. This was a "sweet" photoshoot...not just because of these two little beauties...but we had cupcakes too!!

Here's a sneak peek...more pics coming soon!
Catherine & Eva_Photoshoot storyboard

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweet Cole Tommy - Severn Children Photographer

I had a super fun shoot with sweet Mr. Blue Eyes...he was so much fun...and he most certainly had no problem working for 'Puffs!'

He was a ball of energy, which made it difficult trying to capture as many pictures as I could of these intoxicating eyes! Thanks to my sweet friend Manda-Rose for letting me have fun with "Munch!"

I mean seriously...jeepers creepers!!! Check out those PEEPERS!! :)