Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday - Fall Inspired

Are you looking for the perfect "Fall Inspired" look for your ya go! Not so matchy-matchy, with punches of color for spunk!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sarah & Kyle - Couple Photography - Annapolis, MD

It was family photo day...finally. We haven't had family portraits done since...well, long before I was married, so it's easily been over 10 years! We gathered at Jonas Green Park, one of my favorite places and had a picnic. Complete with Mom's fried chicken!!

I took my sister Sarah and her husband Kyle out first for a mini-couple session. The looked perfect and lighting was gorgeous! I love how these images turned out!

a little *giggle* moment...

Gessshhhh Sarah? Model much? :)

I wanted a good ring likey this one.

So schmoopy. One of my favs from the shoot.

This too was a rather impromptu shoot that just worked.

These next few were perfect. The wind coming off of the water...sweet.

This has absolutely become my favorite shot from the session...

Cary, Angie and Bek - Family Photography - Annapolis, Maryland

So here are the rest of the Family photos...with Mom and Dad and the last remaining sister at home :) and of course the family as a whole...

Favorite of Dad...

Favorite of Mom and Dad...

Just add water + Sister and mix...


Now for the whole gang...long story with these. I was going try out my remote...that failed in the first 30 seconds of trying, so the fun of using the timer some of these aren't really my favorites, but that's mainly because I am my own worst critic...I know I did and I fell like I look like I just RAN and hopped in to the picture just in the nick of time...But hey...Momma was happy with them!

This turned out to be a favorite for many of our friends and family...

...and boy did we have some FUN with the 9 continuous shots that came after this one...I'll share those soon enough...

Hello sky? Gorg!!!

Dad with the girlies...

Momma with the girlies...

and just the guys.

A great day with family, and finally some portraits for the wall Mom! :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kiah - Senior Portraits - Pasadena, Maryland

I had a great photoshoot this week at Lake Waterford Park in Pasadena. I met up with Kiah and her Mom for some Senior portraits. She is such a cutie and she had a twist for me, so I couldn't wait for this session!

I mean, just look at these eyes!!

The sun was setting perfectly for us, and we were chasing it that's for sure. We had a minor mishap with the park locations...gosh I was kicking myself all night for it too!

There is something about the backdrop of this picture that brings out the simple beauty in this picture! Kiah looks stunning!

Tucked away in the corner around the lake were these old wooden stairs, just a perfect location if you ask me!

"Seeing the reflection of ones self is like catching a glimpse into your soul." - Anonymous

Then came our twist. Kiah wanted to mix it up a little bit and do a themed shoot...she wanted to do the "Corpse Bride." At first when I heard the request I was will I ever do that? But I tell you what, her inner model came out and made it easy for me! I think these are great!

Thanks Kiah for a wonderful shoot, you are a gorgeous girl!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Mini-Sessions

Now scheduling for October 16th and October 23rd. Contact us to schedule yours today!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kaity & Adam - Sibling Photographer - Pasadena, Maryland

I met up with Kaity, Adam and their Dad at Down's Park in Pasadena, Maryland. It was a gorgeous day, although the flies were biting...yes, you hear me right...biting flies. They especially loved my white legs!

We had plenty of room to take some great pictures and even though Adam didn't want to have any part of giving me a great big smile..these two cuties gave me some great faces to work with!

This was probably one of my favorite shots of the day! Even though I was being attacked...almost literally by biting flies while taking this photo...their smiles made it worth it!! :)