Friday, August 6, 2010

Catherine & Ava - One Year Old - Glen Burnie Photographer

So, I guess I will finally share some of the One-Year-Old-BFF-Cupcake-Smashing-Tea-Party goodness...

Please note the cupcake smooshiness on that tiny-hiney! Too adorable!

...a sweet little Miss Ava's eyes...blew me away with every click!

A true BFF sharing her cupcake mess!

Seriously...these baby blues!!!

I think she liked the cupcake!

"So friend, we are what?!"

Look at those wittle tummies!!

Well, I couldn't exactly get the girlies to look at I went with it...and in most shots, either Ava's head was up and Catherine's was down, or visa versa!! But finally...a smile from Ava...

And there's our giggly smile from Catherine!

I would like to note that...this is the part of the photoshoot that included around 7+ people helping to cheer on some smiles and giggles...It pretty much worked.

There are some smiles!!!

...and WHO doesn't LOVE a tea-party?!

"Hey! You taken pictures of me?!"

We thought we were gonna lose her to the fussies around this point...but she cheered back up rather quickly!

There are those blue eyes again...

And someone is taking her first strong steps!!

What a FUN photoshoot! I was so glad to be a part of the girls turning One Year Old!!

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