Monday, September 27, 2010

Sarah & Kyle - Couple Photography - Annapolis, MD

It was family photo day...finally. We haven't had family portraits done since...well, long before I was married, so it's easily been over 10 years! We gathered at Jonas Green Park, one of my favorite places and had a picnic. Complete with Mom's fried chicken!!

I took my sister Sarah and her husband Kyle out first for a mini-couple session. The looked perfect and lighting was gorgeous! I love how these images turned out!

a little *giggle* moment...

Gessshhhh Sarah? Model much? :)

I wanted a good ring likey this one.

So schmoopy. One of my favs from the shoot.

This too was a rather impromptu shoot that just worked.

These next few were perfect. The wind coming off of the water...sweet.

This has absolutely become my favorite shot from the session...

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